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Santa Train Ride in northern New Jersey

On Saturday November 29th we run our 1 hour Santa Train Rides in northern New Jersey. Everyone has time to enjoy Santa Claus & other cartoon characters!

ALL passengers, including in­fants, require a ticket to board the train.


 Ride Tickets
9:00 am SOLD OUT
11:00 am SOLD OUT
1:00 pm SOLD OUT
3:00 pm SOLD OUT

Other Santa Train Rides

Glen Rock Boro Hall ADA handicapped icon

Boro Hall - Harding Plaza, between Maple Ave. and Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Parking is FREE! Ride is ADA accessible.

Adults: $14   Children: $10

The ~60 minute Santa Claus Train Ride in NJ runs northward on the NJ Transit Bergen Line. After a brief pause in Suffern NY the train will return back to Glen Rock.   Departure times: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm & 3 pm.

Several helper elves from the North Pole will be in NJ and on board in addition to several other surprise cartoon characters. This is sure to entertain the kids and make for a great day out for all on board. So, if you are in northern NJ why not gather up the children and grandparents and have some great Christmas time fun? You will be helping to preserve New Jersey's railroad history for generations of NJ's citizenry to come to enjoy.

Santa Claus will Ho Ho Ho his way through the train & visit each child giving them a special gift from his bag. In addition each child can have their picture taken with Santa Claus so they can always remember their ride, so bring your cameras.

These rides will run rain, snow, sleet or shine.

Ride proceeds are funding the restoration of the Hawthorne NJ NYS&W Railroad station.  

NJ Transit provides the modern restroom equipped passenger cars, thus ensuring that these rides will be clean, warm, dry and comfortable. Bring all your kids!

NOTE: These rides are a Santa Train Ride, not a Polar Express Train Ride - there is no story reading, pajamas, caroling, hot chocolate or cookies, etc.

Ticket Office

80 Royal Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

Tuesday from 6 pm - 8 pm & Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm.
Hour above only in the 4 weeks prior to the ride

Phone  (973) 238-0555 People can call at other
times and leave a message to receive a call back.



Santa Train Ride Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   What are the ride prices?

A.   Adults: $14 Children: $10. ALL passengers, including inĀ­fants, require a ticket to board the train. We offer a discount for groups of 25 or more. No other discounts are offered (ie: Senior Citizen, military etc.).

Q.   I ordered tickets but did not receive my tickets?

A.   Some e-mail services catch our ticket e-mails in their spam system, so we suggest you look in your spam/junk folder for them. If you do not see them there please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Q.   Can I get a refund of my purchase if I can not use my tickets

A.   We do offer refunds if we are notified by e-mail no less than 24 hours before the trains departure.

Q.   If I get lost getting to the station on the day of the trip what should I do?

A.   Our web site has a link to instructions on how to get to each station which can be accessed through most smart phones. You can also call our main number, 973-238-0555, which we will have access to answer throughout the day of the trains.

Q.   How early should I arrive?

A.   Due to the time required to park, walk to the station and locate your assigned car we strongly suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes early.


Are seats assigned?


Tickets are assigned by railroad car. Seating within that car is open and groups wishing to sit together should arrive early to ensure they are at the head of the boarding line for their car. If you wish to be certain that your group will all be in the SAME CAR, please purchase all tickets for your group at the same time. We strongly suggest large groups should arrive at least 20 minutes early to ensure being able to sit together.

Q.   Do you return to the same station where you left from?

A.   Yes, the rides return to their departure location.

Q.   How long is the ride?

A.   It may vary slightly by departure location. Wayne: ~60 minutes, Glen Rock: ~60 minutes.

Q.   Are there restrooms on the train?

A.   All rides are run on NJ Transit which uses modern passenger cars; Some Cars are restroom equipped. Again, not every car will have a restroom.


Are there any differences between cars on the train?


All cars are basically the same with the exception of the handicapped and rest room cars. Regardless of the car chosen we strive to deliver the same experience to all passengers.


Is the event handicapped accessible?


Many stations are equipped with high level platforms but some have a short wheelchair ramp at one end of the platform. All of these stations are marked with the ADA standard wheelchair icon (on the previous page). Please arrive no less that 20 minutes prior to departure to ensure easy check in. Glen Rock has only a short ramp requiring that car number 6 will be used for wheel chair access, while Wayne has a full high level platform allowing for wheel chair access to cars 2 through 5.


Are strollers permitted?


Strollers are welcome on the train, but are NOT permitted to be stored in the aisles while the train is in motion. This is a NJ public safety law. Stroller stowage can be on the overhead racks or behind fixed seats.


Do the cars have heat and air conditioning?


NJ Transit supplies us with modern climate controlled cars allowing for a comfortable ride regardless of the weather outside. We recommend you dress appropriately for the weather of the day as you will need to walk to and from your cars and likely have time you will be waiting on the platform for the train to arrive.

Q.   Is there a charge for babies riding the train with their older siblings?

A.   ALL passengers, including inĀ­fants, require a ticket to board the train.

Q.   Are any of the rail cars historic?

A.   No. Easter Bunny Trains are run on NJ Transit rail lines using NJ Transit modern (1990's to present) equipment.


Are trips canceled due to weather?


Train rides will run rain, snow, sleet or shine. Trains will not run if the Governor of NJ declares a weather state of emergency or NJ Transit (railroad) determines it cannot safely operate the trains.

FAQ created October, 2011 — FAQ updated on July 10, 2014

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